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Title:The Fine Line Between Life And Death by DISECE8 [26 Jun 2010|01:15pm]


"So you know what to do,Amaya."she asked me.I nodded,staring down at the floor."Look at me when you answer."Her other minons and some demons she had under her control flinched at the edge in her voice.The fact that she could make them do that just by raising her voice showed how strong she has gotten and that led to fear.Fear that I was losing and she was gaining.Which wasn't good.I couldn't let her get stronger than me.When these demons feared you then you know you were strong.And since I didn't cause them fear I was weak.That also ment that I had to obey her even if I didn't want to.

Keeping my face blank,I looked up at her and said"Yes,I understand what to."in a voice with no emotion.

"Good.I expect weekly reports on how things are going.Either one of my fellow comrads or myself will come to you for the report.I want truthful reports and I want them to be submitted when we come to get them."I nodded again.I got up from my kneeling stance and started to leave Underworld when she spoke again."Oh Amaya."I looked back at her."You are to finish your job on time and correctly and remember your new name."she smirked.I kept my face blank.I wouldn't give her the satifaction of knowing that she got to me,that I really want to smack that smirk off her smug face.But instead of doing that I did the next bed thing to getting rid of that irritating smirk.

With a face with no emotions I looked her in the eye and answered her."Of course Maybell."my face broke into a fake smile.I saw the effects of this right away.Her smirk fell from her face and turned into a snarl.She hated that she had no effect on me that she knew of.That I didn't fear her and I really didn't,I only disliked her because of the fact that she was getting stronger than me.It was dislike that I felt for not fear.I didn't know how to fear someone or anything really.

"Leave.Now."she snarled.

Hiding my satifide smirk I poured my black chakra into my right hand and sliced into the air with it and watched the portal open.At least I still had the power to open the portals to get from one world to another,but that's where the exstent of my power ended.That's the only power I had left from before.I wasn't used to it yet and I had a feeling that being where I'm about to go will make the loss of my power even worse.


On the other side of the portal rain was pouring down.This wasn't common weather in this region.The suna village never really got rain from my research on this place.I was suppose to play as a injured kid from a small part in suna that was attacked.As I could see the place was already attacked.People dead everywhere,houses on fire,limbs and blood everywhere too.I was about to lie down on the ground when I relized my problem.I was suppose to be injured but I wasn-

My trian of tought was cut off from the sudden impact to my left cheek.You could hear my head crack against the ground when I hit it.The world started to blurr before my eyes.There was a ringing and a sharp pain going through my head.I was too stunned to even relize what just happened.A blurred pair of feet came into my line of vision.I was lifted by the scarf around my neck to face the person in front of me.Taro,one of May's little minons,stood in front of me with a stupid smirk on his face.Danm people with their stupid smirking.

"She sent me to beat the shit out of you because she knows I'll do a good job of doing it and she wants it to be convincing."he smiled as he punched me again in the face.This time in the eye.Son of a bitch.Even though it hurt like hell I didn't fight back or try to protect myself.I knew it had to be done.He let me fall as he punched me a second time in the other eye.And that's when he just jumped me.He stood over me as he kept punching me over and over again in the face.After the first couple of hits to the face I tasted blood and my eyes were pratically swollen shut and it was getting had to see out of them.I was surprised that he hadn't broken any teeth or knocked any out.Taro stopped and looked down at me with a look of disgust.I was glad he stopped but could go without the look.If he didn't like my face he shouldn't have hit me so many times."God you're ugly.I mean you were ugly before with your short chopped black hair and how you dress like a guy,but now...God it's disgusting."he actually looked like he gagged.

I spat in his face."Screw you."just like May he lost his smirk.Except his didn't turn into a snarl more of a growl.

"You little bitch."he spat out.Instead of punching me he kicked me in the ribs.I hissed in pain."You pathetic,"he kicked me again."piece,"kick."of,"kick."shit."the last kick was to my temple.Black haze filled my vision.Pain shot through my body and I couldn't move for a moment.He gave a small smack to my face."Hey you still alive?"I hadn't relized I closed my eyes.When I opened my eyes I glared up at him.He gave me a warm fake smile."Good.She said to just ruff you up a little.I don't think she will mind if you're half dead.In fact I think she will be happy with me enough to reward me."a devilish grin came to his lips and I got what he was referring to.I,myself,actually started to gag even in this situation."Shut up bitch."He slowly took out his sword that hung from his waist.

Half dead.I relized what he ment by that.I mean I wasn't half dead right now but stabbing me would do it.My face stung like hell and it was sore all over.I couldn't even imagine what I looked like.It was also getting hard to breath from the many blows to the stomach.I'm pretty sure he broke a few ribs and fractured a couple.Besided being hurt I was freezing from laying in the down pour.I was soaked through my clothes to my skin.Now it was like the rain was just hitting my skin as if my clothes weren't there anymore.I could feel the wet sand on my back from laying there.

Taro's sword was double edge.One side black and the other white.The black side was for Death and the was for Life.It was known as Lilith.This was a bad combination in a sword.It was even worse with him wielding it.It use to be just a Life sword but then I stole it and forge Death into it.Making it a sword that controlled Life and Death.When I lost my power May took it from and since she couldn't wield that power she gave it Taro being part human and part demon(plus with him being a kiss ass to her).

He held the sword over his head,making a show of it.He let out a sream as he plunged the sword into my stomach.I also screamed but in pain.I started to gasp for air.Since I got my power from Death I was only affected by the Life in the sword.And since I had lost my power the Life worked both ways.Usually the Life power would pratically kill me because of my own power but since I didn't have it anymore it just hurt as much as getting stad by a sword to any regular person.But,also since,I didn't have my power and I was so use to that kind of power it hurt like hell when the Life power flowed into me.The Death part of the sword didn't bother me at all infact I think it was even balancing out the Life.It still hurt like hell though and he was enjoying every minute of this laughing his ass off.

I started to cough up blood...and choke on it."Y-you b-b-bastard."I choked out."I,I'm going to g-get you f-f-for thi-s."

He stopped laughing but still kept his smile."Really?I like to see you t-t-try."he laughed again."You're weak and pathetic.You're lucky I don't kill you right now.I have no fucking idea why May keeps you around.You can't do anything right.I just hope you do this right because if you don't I'll kill you,'kay?"

I didn't answer.

He laughed some more."Have a wonderful day nad hope not to die before they come to get you."he walked away laughing.I glared after him.I would of said something back but I have to admit that there was fear in me.Not because of him.But because of the sword he crazily wielded.It would be the death of me.

From the lack of energy,stregnth,and well life,plus from the worry of fear I passed out into what I hoped was never ending darkness.


Um... hi? [04 Jun 2010|06:47pm]

Um, I'm new to this community, and I'm wondering just what can be posted here. I'm a big Gaara fan. In fact, he was my fictional crush. :"> I'm working on a Lee/Gaara fic, but is yaoi even allowed here? Thanks! 

Gaara Keychains [26 Nov 2008|02:13pm]

I have some keychains to get rid of..I bought them last year at a local Anime Convention, but I'm kinda low and cash and I never use them for anything. They 're just sitting on my bulletin board, all lonely like. So hopefully they can go to a new home <3


For more info and better detailed pictures, please click here <3Collapse )

Naruto: Gaara [L'Historie D'Une Fee, part 4] [04 Nov 2007|10:25am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: L'historie D'une Fee, part 4
Author: namistai8
Character/Pairing/Group: Gaara, GaaraxHinata, mentions of one sided HinataxKiba and NarutoxHinata
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Spoilers for the Rescue Gaara arc in the manga. Continuation to L'historie D'une Fee, part 3. Hinata finds out about the marriage offer

The link below sends you to my journal!

L'Historie D'Une Fee, part 4

The crack is good. Read and review. Show some love for Gaara, he doesn't get enough and you know it.

Crossposted to narufanfic, midnite_rose, naruto_het, __anbufiction


[29 Oct 2007|03:26pm]

Hey there everyone. Just letting you guys know about a new community!

Every character's got a juicy secret! What's your favorite character's secret? Come check out naruto_secrets, a PostSecrets-like Naruto community.

Some postcards have already been posted, so come see what it's all about!

Crossposted everywhere...so sorry!

Truths or lies [27 Oct 2007|05:11pm]


Temari told Hinata who lost her memory that she is her younger brother's wife. Can someday truth become lies and lies become truth? and can lies change the life of two different people. HinataGaara ... Rate may change if you want.



[16 Apr 2007|11:14pm]

Hi, everyone. Just stopping in to whore a brand new RP community. If you're interested, all the information you might need is just this way.

Naruto: Gaara [L'Historie D'une Fee, part 3] [06 Apr 2007|09:01am]

Title: L'historie D'une Fee, part 3
Author: namistai8
Character/Pairing/Group: Gaara, slight GaaraxHinata, mentions of ShikamaruxTemari
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Spoilers for the Rescue Gaara arc in the manga. Continuation to L'historie D'une Fee, part 2. Gaara goes back to Konoha.

The link below sends you to my journal

L'Historie D'une Fee, part 3

The crack is good. Read and review. Show some love for Gaara, he doesn't get enough and you know it.

Crossposted to narufanfic, midnite_rose, naruto_het, __anbufiction

Oooh Kazekage [01 Apr 2007|12:04am]

[ mood | anxious ]

No really that's the entry

Btw I apologize to the people who DO their homework, I realize my crapy costplay is an insult to us all

Also I know the head is retarded but don't fret, I plan to fix. I was just fooling around.


Few Gaara pictures [17 Mar 2007|06:20pm]


Hey guys! My first time posting here in this community!

Good to see many Gaara fans out there ^_^b I have some pics of him I like to share with the community! Constructive criticism is encouraged.

Gaara pic #7 - Cute Gaara
Rating: T
Characters: Gaara
Tools: PS7 + tablet
Time: 3-4 hours
Status: Complete
Comments: A quick CG of Gaara looking.. uhm cute I guess. Not much to say here except: YES His hair is pink D: Oh myz.

</div>Link to picture is here

Gaara pic #8 - Kazekage Gaara
: T
Contents: None
Characters: Gaara
Tools: PS7 + tablet
Time: Can't remember, details in my deviantart
Status: Complete
Comments: A oldish CG of Kazekage Gaara in his white kage clothes. Its the ying yang of another Gaara picture I have in my gallery.

Link to post/picture is here

Gaara pic #9 - Demon of the Sand
Rating: T
Contents: None
Characters: Gaara
Tools: PS7 + tablet
Time: Can't remember, details in my deviantart
Status: Complete
Comments: The ying yang of 'Kazekage Gaara' picture. x3 

Link to post/picture is here



Naruto: Gaara/Hinata [Watch Me Watch You: 50 sentences] [13 Mar 2007|10:07am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Title: Watch Me Watch You
Author: namistai8
Character/Pairing/Group: Gaara/Hinata, one-sided Hinata/Naruto, the majority is written from a Gaara perspective
Rating: PG for hints at sexual situations.
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Spoilers for after the Chuunin exam, the time skip. Inspiration taken from 1fandom, set #1. Slightly crackish, and possibly OOC (or not, depends on your point of view). Prompts are out of order.

The link below sends you to my journal!

Watch Me Watch You

Comments and criticisms welcome!

Crossposted to narufanfic, midnite_rose, and __anbufiction


Gaara Vector [13 Jan 2007|01:01am]

x-posted to naruto_fanworks

My first attempt at a vector, hope it works! ;)

Click on preview:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


[ mood | awake ]




Gaara is my man..Im his number 1 fangirl [21 Dec 2006|12:59pm]

[ mood | want to feel loved ]

I feel sorry for gaara and I know that he had a rough childhood. And so did I! And I would give him so much love to give like no other. 
And I don't really care or pay no attention to those that are totally against gaara. IM NOT, I stand up for my poor gaara. :D 
I would give so much attention, that he lost back in his childhood, when everybody tried to kill him cuz he was "a monster". Big deal, wasnt his fault. 
(Well, thats my opinon)??
I would be there for him always. 
Call me crazy,but Im obsessed w/ gaara. Is that a bad thing?? 
Im just one of his fangirls' that simply adore and understand where he came from, cuz I had a rough childhood back then too. 
Im not joking....I just want somebody to understand where Im coming from, and dont think Im an enemy. 
Im obsessed w/ him
and doesnt care if he's a monster or not.
I go beyond insane over my gaara. :D

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Timeskip Characters [17 Dec 2006|01:47pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Got this off of the chuunin livejournal. No credit to me.


Gaara as kazekage yeah

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Kimimaro x Gaara Fluff ^^ [06 Aug 2006|03:45am]

[ mood | awake ]

First time posting here, and as a new member, so hi everyone! This is a more rare Gaara pairing. xD Being as KimiGaa is my OTP, I have several pictures I have drawn of the pairing, and I thought I would post a few of them on LJ. So, here they are.

Pairing: Of course, Kimimaro/Gaara, as it says in the title. ^^
Medium: One is watercolor, one is Photoshop.
Rating: G. ^^

KimiGaara LovingsCollapse )

x-posted to narutoyaoi and jiai

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Anime, Doujinshi, Manga, Music, Keychain, Etc. Summer Sale [03 Aug 2006|08:29pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

I am currently selling 91 different items from my personal collection.  Below are the links to all of the listings at my LJ.  If you have a question or would like to purchase something, please read my (Terms and Conditions).

Feel free to use any of the pictures for icons, wallpaper, or anything else that isn't illegal.  ^___^  Some of the doujinshi pictures are not work safe, so you might want to look at those at home.

(Here are the links to all 91 items!)

Thank you for taking a look at my items.  =D

This entry is only being posted to communities that correlate with the items I am selling.


[18 Jul 2006|04:49pm]

The recent http://community.livejournal.com/konoha_rpg/765.html community is looking for rpers~ We need YOU to respond as soon as possible to keep this community alive and well <3

The current characters taken:


Want to find out more? The plot? The setting? Come check it out and all your questions will be answered!

P.s: We're looking for a certain Gaara, one that's gone insane again and is killing people. For for information please read the logs and community info.

Anyone want to rp him?

Naruto Crack: Gaara [L'Historie D'une Fee, part 2] [28 Jun 2006|05:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Again, inspiration taken from the crack!GaaraxHinata. Oh, it's so wrong and yet, I can't leave it alone...

Title: L'historie D'une Fee, part 2
Author: namistai8
Character/Pairing/Group: Gaara, slight GaaraxHinata, mentions of ShikamaruxTemari, SakuraxLee, NarutoxSakura, NejixTenten
Rating: PG for language
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Spoilers for the Rescue Gaara arc in the manga. Continuation to L'historie D'une Fee, part 1. Gaara attends an engagement party and talks to Hinata.

The link below sends you to my journal.

L' historie D'une Fee, part 2

Ah, crack is good. So are comments. Leave me some love. Or hate. This is my first time writing something that isn't really a popular pairing.

Crossposted to narufanfic, midnite_rose, naruto_het, __anbufiction


FIC: GaaraxKiba [18 May 2006|06:20pm]

[ mood | scared ]


For: drabbles100 - Gaara challenge
Total word count: 650 +/- (so long to 500 words/drabble... *sighs*)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Pairing: GaaraxKiba
Prompt: #33 - Too Much
Summery: Kiba is ecstatic over his win against Shino. Gaara is annoyed at Kiba for the at the revelries with ensue.

Too Much

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